Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hello all!

This week was amazingly big for us.
We have been planning our new project "tie a tie logo design shop" for ages and finally we launched it yesterday!



From  a start we thought that in someway or someday we will somehow encourage discussion on ready made design and we are happy to see that this discussion happened right away from the beginning!
It started as soon as we presented shop to a dribbble design community and most accomplished designers shared their point of views on the subject of "custom design" and reselling logos.
We may not agree on a certain points of view, but it came clear that this in this topic where are at least two positions.
Check out these bold arguments by Kurt Madsen and oposing position by  Jim Leszczynski and if you are interested in more great thoughts by popular creators in dribbble community click on link above.

If you still wondering why?

We as an artists have been receiving low budget logo inquiries on a daily basis. People were contacting us and asking for help and for comments on designs they already had, and when they understood that their budget may not be enough for our services - asked for a guidance in finding another logo artist.
And surprise surprise - they ended up with that kind of eye sour logos.

We noticed this behavior from the start and have been wondering how can we be in help for those start-ups - people with big ideas, ambitions to start everything on their own, with low budget but wanting for their start-up to look professional and serious.

An idea emerged from us having so many unused, unpublished ideas, which are delivered from scratch to hi-end result, but these ideas are just unused laying around, aging; or there are ideas made just for fun which turned out to be so loved and clients kept asking if they were for sale. This is why we came up with "tie a tie logo shop" where logos are affordable and are not stock kind (the ones you can buy forever and ever and ever).

To be clear, custom design will always be valued for its unique take on business and its research. It will always be pricey, and will always be needed for customers with higher budgets, and clients that values exclusivity. But having in mind that in this economy people are trying out everything in their position, exploring numerous business opportunities, trying and failing and trying again - design comes a bit less important especially when prices on custom design constantly rises.

Not to mention how much demand and supply changed our world these past few decades. Just out the top of head few examples: people demanded to live in beautifully arranged homes - so this is why IKEA became so widely spread, not to mention how many accomplished fashion designers offered an exclusive collections to stores like H&M or other affordable ones. People demand stuff which is literally designed for big guys, not the little ones, and our shop is a way of changing this situation.

Thank you for your support now and in the future!

With peace and love ,

tie a tie


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